Survival in the Killing Fields - Haing Ngor,  With Roger Warner This is a book in the same vein as Coming Out of the Ice by Victor Herman. It is a tale of survival against incredible odds, and in both books the author had to live in a world seemingly gone mad, where the bizarre and the barbaric became the everyday and the normal, with horrors like starvation and sickness commonplace. This book is not only Dr. Haing Ngor's personal memoir of surviving in these circumstances but also a history of the Communist takeover of Cambodia and a book discussing much of Cambodia's culture and customs. This book is disgusting, disturbing and emotional; it requires a strong stomach to read through. This is also one of only a few books (2-3 others besides this from what I recall) that have made me cry, and it got so bad that I had to stop reading for a while. I hope Dr. Ngor's prayers are answered and that he, his unborn child, his wife, and their families will meet in a better place far from this world's troubles.