A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis - Sigmund Freud

     I had a goal when I started this book. Whenever I mentioned Freud to anyone, including those who had never read him, I seemed to get a pretty common response: "Oh, you mean the sex-obsessed psychologist?" My goal was to read this book, and then to explain that his "sex-obsession" did not exist, was blown out of proportion, etc. However, having finished this book, all I can say is that his critics were right. He was sex-obsessed. However, even though he traces way top many psychological problems and dream symbols back to sex, I think one of his main themes is correct. Sex plays a much larger role in human society than most people would like to admit. Having said that though, the extreme to which he takes this is ridiculous. In dreams, for example, he thinks that everything has a double meaning- and of course, that double meaning is sexual. According to Freud, everything from flying, to having your teeth pulled, to something as simple as an orange all have  a sexual meaning behind them. Enough of this though. This is most of the book, so if what I have just described sounds really bizarre or silly, you probably should not bother reading this.
     Even with his sex-obsession, I still found Freud quite interesting. Although many of his views have since been proven to be pseudo-scientific and just plain ridiculous, many of his ideas have also continued on to influence psychology. So, if you have any interest in the history of psychology, this book is probably quite important. Before I finish this review, I have one last note to make on this book. It is not really a book, and is actually a script for a series of lectures given by Freud as an introduction to his theories. So, in closing, even with how bizarre and crazy this book is much of the time, it is an important work of one of the giants of modern psychology, and should be read for its author's major influence on the future development of psychology.