The Gospel of Christian Atheism - Thomas J. J. Altizer

     I decided to read this to help me complete my reading challenge this year, as it had an interesting premise, was short, and, I figured, was probably an easy read. I was wrong. This book assumes a level of theological and philosophical knowledge which I sadly do not possess. So if this review seems a little unfair, that would be the reason. Now onto the review. The premise I was expecting was a Christianity without the traditional concept of God, and an exploration of what purpose holding Christian beliefs and morality would serve without the concept of God. However, my guess was fairly off. This book seems to be an attempt to reconcile existentialism and the Death of God philosophy expressed most famously by Nietzsche with Christianity. In attempting to do this, Altizer agrees with Nietzsche- except he takes it a step further. He thinks that God is literally dead. As in, he existed at one point, but then died. Altizer believes that God died at the Crucifixion, when he came in the form of Jesus and self-sacrificed himself, and his essence is now contained within the world. He gets to this point using a lot of complicated theological and philosophical language which, unfortunately, served only to confuse me even more than an already confusing premise. Maybe if I had been reading it earlier then 11:00 PM at night it would have made more sense, but who knows. It was still interesting, and should probably be re-read when I have improved my knowledge of complicated theological terminology.