Just a teenager addicted to reading anything and everything, but particularly history. I am here as part of the exodus from Goodreads' increasing censorship. I am not yet sure if I am going to leave Goodreads completely, but this is plan B.

Currently reading

Language: An Introduction to the Study of Speech
Edward Sapir
The Human Body in Health and Illness
Barbara Herlihy
Progress: 78/542 pages
Modern European History
Birdsall S. Viault
Progress: 165/594 pages
Harbrace College Handbook
John C. Hodges
Elementary Korean
Ross King, Jaehoon Yeon
JPS Tanakh (student edition)
Anonymous, Jewish Publication Society, Jewish Publication Society, Inc.
Astronomy Today
Eric Chaisson, Steve McMillan
Warriner's English Grammar and Composition: Complete Course
John E. Warriner
The Western Heritage: Since 1300, Eighth Edition
Donald M. Kagan;Steven Ozment;Frank M. Turner;Donald Kagan