Another Masterpiece

The Promise - Chaim Potok

     Well, Chaim Potok has done it again. Not only has he given me another book to add to my favorites list, but he is now one of my favorite authors. In fact, this may even be better than The Chosen- That is, if it is possible to be better than a masterpiece.
     The book itself was amazing. The characters, the atmosphere, everything. It is such a simple writing style, yet it is beautiful and full of emotion. I am not going to review this book in depth (there are at least hundreds of other reviews for this book; I am sure that if you want to read an in depth review you can find one), so suffice it to say that it is exceptional. The themes are mostly just a continuation from The Chosen, with one major addition: The ability for people to both love and hate someone at the same time, and the affects that that can have on human relationships.